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News from the Engadin by Mayk Wendt


The new PIZ magazine

I was able to provide the photo contributions for the winter edition of PIZ magazine.
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The new photo book is here

"The story of a village always tells the story of an entire country" is a sentence from my new photo book. It shows 33 photographs that were taken over several years in the small
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Documentary film premiere

A fair project film "In the World at Home", 11 young people, 15 days on the way to themselves.
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Dinosaur tracks in the lower Engadin

The Piz S-chalambert reveals a secret that are millions of years old.
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100 year anniversary «Lia Rumantscha»

The organization for the fourth national language, the “Lia Rumantscha”, celebrated its 100th anniversary this year. For three weeks I was invited to accompany the celebrations pho
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Climate change is real

For years, the Pacific state of Vanuatu has been at the top of the global risk index of natural hazards. In addition to earthquakes and volcanic ash, it is increasingly the direct
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