Climate change is real

A reportage on the Pacific state of Vanuatu, which is listed at the top of the World Risk Index for natural dangers

For various photo reports I traveled in different countries during the past 12 months. At some point - I was in Australia at the time - I was asked if I was personally affected by climate change. "Of course!" I said decisively. "No, I mean, are you really directly affected? Do you have to limit yourself?" True, I thought. But who are those who are directly affected? The United Nations (UN) issues an annual list of countries most affected by natural disasters. Floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, droughts, etc.. The island state of Vanuatu is regularly ranked number one. It consists of a total of 83 islands. In 2015, the area was hit by one of the most violent cyclones ever recorded. Who are the people? How do they live and what do they say about climate change? My brief reportage was published in several daily newspapers.